In our world’s diversity and abstraction of perspectives, we infinitely investigate with the desire for every scrutiny. We philosophize to theorize, in order to assimilate frameworks, providing a basis thereof, eventually being a guide to how we think, act, and live our life. This realization allows us to present ourselves with our knowledge, personality and possessions to our milieu, grappling on an identity to intensify and issues greater than our understanding to tackle.

Joshua Orven Layson Domantay, alias Josh Layson, is a Filipino-Chinese-Spanish introverted writer based in the Philippines. On top of maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle, he is on the quest of philosophical and spiritual investigation. He incessantly tries to find meaning in life—how everything should work together for the purpose of goodness—through thinking, writing, and influencing.

In his thought-bombarded world, creative juices and a high functioning thought machine transpire during moments where he call his desired state—a cup of coffee, a clean desk, and a melodic instrumental music. The strained structure of his thoughts and being an INTJ by Myers-Brigg personality type make him a critical thinker with an extreme desire to analyze, scrutinize, and philosophize. His value for articulation and self-expression works so meaningfully in accrual to his Christian faith. Having such ideology brings his desire for scouting assimilations and, hopefully, fighting faux societal perceptions in order to contribute self-development targeted perspectives. He believes that this is achieved through tackling of societal issues at a macro level, alongside searching about and gaining broad-brush perspectives on cognitive science, behavioral economics, neurology, and psychology.

Josh realized his passion in writing when he was in college. He was contributing writer, Digital Media Editor and Managing Editor of the Benildean Press Corps, the premier organization of student-journalists of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB). His column for The Benildean is entitled “The Y Files,” where he tackled Y-Generation related issues.

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    1. Thanks, Uncle Elmo, and I’ve had the time to visit your blog. I must say it was interesting as well. Your writings somehow match my writing style.

      Kudos, too, for being in Harvard!

      1. Josh, you have a very bright future ahead of you. With your admirable writing skill, I am sure that you will be going places, both literally and figuratively. Keep writing; and, yes of course, keep reading as well. The two always go together in the life of a writer.

  2. Howdy Josh –
    I’ve never removed a single person from my blogroll, I’m honestly perplexed as to how your blog got removed since I do visit it regularly. I’ll add it back at once (hopefully this hasn’t happened before.) Thank you for bringing it up 🙂

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