What The Tree Can Teach Us: Of Natural and Essential Nutrients

A tree is planted for due reasonswanting it to grow, witnessing its slow yet impressive development, but most of all, realizing that it bears healthy and benefiting fruits. But a tree is not able to grow on its ownno matter how tall, sturdy, and fruitful it has been expected to be. It cannot grow without a rich earth to get nutrients from and flowing water to quench its thirst.

Reactive—ahead of time

Most people think reactively—acting solely based on instincts. When events happen and opportunities come and go, they just roll with the punches. However, I am not part of the crowd nor a follower of such majority. I set goals, plan ahead, work hard to achieve them, and take corrective action before everything is too late. I like “engineering” my own events, making the path I desire, taking volitional control over my life, and not just merely accepting the inauspicious philosophy that “life just comes and passes by”. With the complex wisdom we harness, people, thus, always have a choice to create unique responses to impetus. Like myself, I give a slightly different approach among others. If someone insults me, I choose not to be angry. If someone challenges me into a fight, I always choose not to fight back. A strong compassion over others’ self-value and a high value to my dignity, have indeed, nurtured the veil that covered the proactivity in myself.

Steer over “personal” matters

Bizarre arguments augment as we associate mishap-oriented experiences with the fettle of our own beings. These occurrences, regardless of their orientation and potential (harmful) consequences, always test one ethical yet significant aspect of a person—professionalism. Throughout my life, there have been countless instances that, for sure, will have caused others vexation, callousness, and alas, an arouse in vengeance. Fortunately, I was—and until now—blessed with the wisdom to see misunderstandings astutely and handle discrepancies cautiously and professionally—not letting a trace of personal issue get in the way of my approach over heart-steering—and mostly frivolous—instances.

Living the microscopic view

For some, I may have been raised at the top of the social hierarchy—born as an affluent child, a boy living a prestigious reputation, a man who should fight for his own ancestral legacy. Despite the flattering stereotype, some still perceive me as a mysterious guy living under a clean canvass. While those two are the common impressions people get from me, my daily life manages to hold onto the tenet that, in whatever circumstance, life should continue while appreciating the small things, requiring a closer look to facades to making the most of what one has. Notwithstanding prominent incidents that pass by and illustrious activities present throughout my routinely lifestyle, I believe that, no matter what kind of societal class one belongs to, such outlook in life should never, ever be lost in consciousness and forgotten to be acted upon.


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