What The Tree Can Teach Us: Justifying Forces of Nature

They say a tree that is able to withstand the mightiest climates and the most disastrous weathers is more than just a strong tree; it is a tree carefully nourished and sturdily settled on the ground that is meant to stay erect until chopped down. With the various forces of nature, it cannot be avoided to get affected by these, and bring the repellent side of even the healthiest tree.

Preoccupied with my self—my own affairs

It is quite sidesplitting to know that I am a person who values himself more than others—his friends, his relatives, his acquaintances. Among my extensive network, those who I barely spend time with are the one’s who perceive me as a man who is so caught up with his own desires, his own interests, and his own life—the kind where restrictions augment and accommodation seems difficult to procure. Solely, I do give a high and quality-based level of significance to the different priorities surrounding my life, but it is only due because of the multitude missions I have on earth which, I believe, should always start within myself, but end for the sake of others.

(Beyond) a haughty semblance

We all have that quirky arrogance in our selves, but for a self-righteous and self-absorbed guy like me, looking at arrogance is more than just seeing the fluidity of an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance. I was told a couple of times that I am quite arrogant—putting so much high value to my works, my actions, my background, and even my connections. Amidst the prideful facade that have shaped the “downside” of myself, I have realized that these people who say such criticism do not understand the situation and kind of prestige I live as a student.

Ever since I entered college life, I was drowned with a plethora of academic and personal stress, mixed with the capability to maintain my academic standing, and topped with a milieu of competitive sustainability. My parents said, “You should never take things for granted. If you grab an opportunity, make the most out of it. Learn to show-off but not brag.” Likewise, at any phase I am placed at, I cannot just simply move and act; I must move to the path I desire and act as if everyone is watching me. The world where I grew up gave so much importance to one’s reputation, being a driving force of one’s being. Ever since, I believed that one satisfies such reputation by confidently showing one’s personal fulfillment. With numerous successes, a heart to move mountains, and a determination to relay indoctrinations, I cannot simply help it but be a highly proud man—because every part of myself is worth celebrating for.


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