Day Two: Green Tea in Production

Ever since I was young, I wandered the world with a bird’s eye—observant and keen. But as I progressed to the latter stages of my life, I was developed with an eagle’s eye, adding touches of sharpness and cleverness. For the journeys that have shaped the vibrance of myself, some pieces of my dark roots remain, yet the luminance sheds light to the delicate trunk from beneath.

Rather an aloof encounter

People from different cultures have always got something to say about the way I communicate with them, and most of the time they are utterly similar. I am a forthcoming, reserved person, as majority would perceive me as. Like a green tea, I am figuratively made of unfermented leaves, pale in color, and slightly bitter in flavor. With reserved and cautious words I say, with modest gestures, and with careful deliberations, I am a tough challenge to be accepted when faced in the interpersonal world. As my promising skills as a human could corroborate my ample dreams, I also could be the most unpredictable, inconsistent friend a man of steel only wishes as a single nightmare.

Beyond “clean” and “orderly”

If personality gives color to a person, then professionalism molds the vibrance of my world. Ever since the raging obsessive-compulsive disorder had struck me, I have become this person who learned to dissect—and valued—“professional” over “personal”. As my own philosophy’s saying would go: for every insight there is, it must be done professionally, accordingly, and most significantly, rationally. Negligence, on the contrary, has no place to share its causes and effects when it comes to my personal dealings with other persons. Because of my ardent desire for perfection, I managed to live a life of “pure scrums” and “healthy arums”.

Tough man, soft heart

A man could never be a real man if he cannot distinguish the differences between easy from mediocre, breezy from windy, and beautiful from good looking—at least in the context for finding my future wife. And just as my own saying would go, “If you cannot judge between alternatives, you are better off living your life as an unsatisfied ‘single’.” But I was blessed with the strong passion to scrutinize things among choices, and decide for the better—and for the best. For heaven’s sake, I was never that man who judged his fellow friends straight in the face, nor be the man who aggressively fights with someone over frivolous affairs. Because  I am a righteous fellow; I am a sensitive hombre; I  am a forgiving soul. And as I am coated with grandiose, people should not forget the essence of my sympathy and enthusiasm—an understanding friend, a loyal boyfriend, a follower of Christ, a survivor among other men.


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