San Francisco: Lombard Street

It’s the “crookedest street” in the world, as generally conveyed by many, due to its twisting and winding downhill block that leers off anyone’s sight with awe and inquisitiveness. San Francisco’s amusingly steep and diverting brick-lined road of the Lombard Street paves way to thousands of enthusiastic visitors annually—a typical road for exigent drivers challenged for a steer of twists and turns.

The east-west street running from Presidio Boulevard to The Embarcadero is an exceptional lane filled with a jazzy spirit in a seraphic setting. Imagine melodramatic zigzags profoundly surrounded by a variety of glowing and summer-colored flowers beaming with vibrant miniature trees and intricately yet vigilantly landscaped grasses, with ravishing hydrangeas on either side.

An amusing view is cordially visible from the top-most portion of the street. From that segment, mesmerize yourself by the grandeur of sighting the whole street down to its tail, with a dazzling panoramic view of beautifully congested winsome houses in some of San Francisco’s exquisite neighborhoods—gently gleaming from the luminance of the sky.

A romantic-themed escape from the busy suburbs is the initial feel from stepping down footsteps to this hazy track. With delightful sounds of birds chirping, prominently parked luxury cars, and soothing natural fragrance of surrounding plants, it’s nearly impossible for you to avoid walking around such cordial path, free from the disruptive external noises.

Beyond any doubt, it’ll always be adored not only by its fortunate citizens but, obviously, delighted day-trippers looking for an unusual trait of a San Franciscan neighborhood, as well.


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