San Francisco: Pier 39

Pier 39 is just located at the edge of the Fisherman’s Wharf district, flourishing with bountiful stores, arcades, restaurants, and vigorous street performances, spewing from mornings to evenings. Tranquilizing breezy atmosphere from the bay, lustrous sunlight effects, and merry crowds of people are what invites and delights prospective visitors of the extravagant oasis of never-ending amusement, day in and day out.

With copious number of shopping destinations, you may find yourself wonderstruck with a never-seem-to-end list of items to choose from. Even the arcades serve as a take-it-or-leave-it jukebox which tests one’s strategic capability with games and fortune. You can even bond with Californian sea lions or merrily take home the latest gadget or an expensive gaming console from the arcades, if you get lucky.

Several street performances raise the attraction and curiosity of tons of crowds without a hitch, numbering hundreds of viewers from just one live performance. Treat yourself some mysteries and charms from the magic shows; likewise, discover the magician in you by buying some magic books or, oddly, ventriloquist dolls at Houdini’s Magical Shop. Interact with the street performers, follow the crowd, and meet and greet fellow tourists, because you’ll never know what surprises they may bring you!

The pier is not just a destination within a shore. It also lets you see the Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Bay Bridge, at a distant view. Its location makes you feel like you’re at the very heart of San Francisco.

From affordable souvenirs to lavish shiny ornaments, native seafood delicacies to vegetarian treats, traditional video arcades to mind-boggling strategy games, sea lion exhibits to vehement sitcom performances, sports grills to tattoo shops, this supposed entertainment capital of the shores offers ample diversity with regards to food, culture, and merchandise.

Once you’re there, you’ll need to spend approximately 3 hours just to visit all the pleasurably delights and sites Pier 39 has to offer—a spirit of celebrating real diversity. If you want the calmness of roaming beside the shore and like to get treated with some leisurely escapade through some walk arounds and window shoppings while satisfying yourself with vigorous events and performances, then Pier 39 is the quintessential hangout for you. It’s more amusing than the circus!


2 thoughts on “San Francisco: Pier 39

  1. I was thinking of going to San Francisco this fall. Should we rent a car or just do the taxi thing? I just hate it when we go somewhere and we rent a car. We end up spending more time to have it parked, but don’t end up using it. Thanks for the great article. 🙂

    1. Hi, Sarrah. You’re welcome!

      I suggest that you just ride a taxi, not rent a car. Using the cab for transportation will allow you to explore the place more. And I tell you, San Francisco has got a lot to offer! It’s like the New York of California, without the eminently tall skycrapers, heavy-loaded traffic, and disruptive city noise. It’s totally alright if you get lost, however. So ditch the rent car, cause it’s going to be more adventurous once you do these simple things: ride the car and let it drop you off—no hassle compared to having the time to have the car parked.

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