San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge

Oh, the sublime snippets of cold, soothing breezes of air present upon, navigating your way, through the illustrious bridge of the city, beside the bay, delights every person that passes by, whether by the use of public transportation or just walking around, especially during the early mornings filled with a delicate, misty atmosphere. Every nook of the bridge showcases a magnificent view of every possible San Francisco scenery there is. An exhilarating facade of the tall buildings of San Francisco is present from a distant, semi-aerial view coming from the Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge itself is a haven for tourists who like sight-seeing without possibly roaming all around the busy streets of the city. With the infrastructure being suspension in structure, made up of truss arches and truss causeways, it remains a historical landmark worth visiting in every season of the year, witnessing its distinct aura from summer to winter. In fact, its tall and flamboyant steel tracks are ethereal to the eyes even from at a far distance from the bridge, especially in a foggy disposition.

People there often set their morning exercise routine by jogging at the 1.7-mile length of the majestic bridge, or simply by doing relaxation, aka yoga sessions, to set up the mood of the day. As you pass by either the two corners of the bridge, you’ll get a delicate and strong feeling of diaphanous exuberance coming from the cold and smooth ambiance present mostly during the dusk and the breath-taking panoramic view of the bay and massive parts of San Francisco.

Aside from being the scene of many Hollywood violent scenes, police chases, and romantic backdrops, a special location for tourists at the corner of the bridge captivates first-time travelers. It serves as a sight-seeing oasis for experiencing the unique and lucrative view of the San Francisco bay, stretching with the top-most part of the bridge and the rest of the San Francisco skyline. It offers a never-ending sensational plethora of sites and sounds, from the whimsical breezes of bay wind to the saccharine disposition of the environment. It’s always a rip-roaring attempt to take photographs of yourself, the crowds, or the amazing panoramic scenery of the bridge with the luminosity of the sky on every part of the day—catching the sunrise and the sunset, the moonrise and the moonset settle at the mouth of the bridge.


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