9 Things A Leader Must Do

If you’ve read Rick Warren’s, “The Purpose Driven Life,” you’ll notice that both publications have sundry similar approaches toward motivating one’s senses. Mind I say, a similar writing style—with, to name a few, quotes, highlighted insights, biblical verses, and brief summarizations under the chapter title written all over each chapter. Anyone, like me, can finish reading the book, consecutively, in a span of hours with consequential amount of time for taking reflections every chapter. The contents of the book are brief and straight-to-the-point, which make it easy and fast to read. I highly suggest you reflect after each chapter before moving onto the next one. Give yourself a time to ponder, or even take notes toward the highlights it gives. Be sure to master the essence each chapter talks about, with a significant focus on the real-life examples as similes and concerns the book gives. In that way, it becomes more relatable, therefore, more effective to you as a reader. Books, particularly ones offering guides towards achieving a particular task or goal, that focuses on enumerations and systematical outlines tend to boost the reader’s curiosity for reading the next chapter until he gets to know the whole picture, out of gradually getting all the pieces together. This book is what it’s intended for; it makes you vehement.

9 Things A Leader Must Do composes of nine chapters. Each chapter highlights one principle a “déjà vu” leader must do, and expands on the subject matter with thought-provoking insights, supporting personal experiences stories, and profound guides that stimulates the heart, mind, and soul. It’s, more or less, a self-help and motivational book. Although, I’ve realized that most of the insights are practical—relating to common sense—that they, rather, serve as a wake-up call or a tendency for self-realization for most of us, since these insights are buried onto the subconscious mind of the majority.

Chapter One: It gives an indispensability for knowing who you are as a person. It mainly talks about how you’ll be able to explore what’s going on inside your heart and how to let desires, goals, and talents execute in the visible world like a déjà vu leader does. A déjà vu leader, based on personal definition, is one who acquires leadership for success out of another leader being a source of inspiration—more likely in the degree of a third person.

Chapter Two: It focuses on the negative things and how to identify them. This is how you’re going to incorporate yourself with distractions; and how to avoid, neglect, or fix them.

Chapter Three: While differentiating cause and effect from the deeper version of sowing and reaping, this chapter mainly talks about how to identify future possibilities from present situations. It discusses on how to play your life, just like in a movie. It depicts which scenes to focus on and what exactly should your life be doing.

Chapter Four: This chapter practices the virtue of independency. It points out the consequences for being dependable, and how to nourish your own move, always. As one of the déjà vu leader’s most distinguished traits, this chapter helps you learn to find ways on how to be the master of your own plans and goals.

Chapter Five: This is one of my favorite insights of the book. It tackles on how to take small steps one at a time. It describes how big goals are being attained, and how significant it is to carefully stick with rules and appreciate the small things we do in order to accomplish a successful task.

Chapter Six: The chapter title may be an oxymoron, but it talks about the value of hating. It gives pressure to hating the right things well, and what benefits from it. You will learn how hating and loving are associated and what causes and effects both circumstances give, whether a positive or negative approach.

Chapter Seven: This has an inclination of neglecting the theory of equality. It encourages you as a person to, instead of playing fair, play the game right, for the betterment of both players, and not for the fairness of this-is-what-you-deserve. It talks about the benefits you and the other party gets if you unconditionally return something good to something bad thrown at you. Like as stated in the Bible, do good as you want others to do good unto you; but, this is, however, contradicting. The insight talks widely about the philosophy of, simply, doing good no matter what, even if others don’t treat you the same—pre-occurrence and post-occurrence. It basically tells the reality of getting more when you’re losing.

Chapter Eight: This chapter is associated with the philosophy of man and talks about the importance of having the value of humility as an attitude of a leader. It expounds towards how just being yourself creates success; how important it is to realize imperfections; and how to dwell on them. It is, therefore, as stated, a necessity for achieving more toward business relationships, careers, and even your personal life.

Chapter Nine: Lastly, this chapter wraps the gift box. It gives the importance of ignoring popularity polls and pleasing people. Synonymous with the rejection of playing it fair, it gives the insight that you must not let anyone, not even people you care about, to affect your decisions.

After finishing this book, including the conclusion, you’ll feel that you have all the resources a leader in progress possess. Every chapter have thoroughly explained what are the to-dos, not-to-dos, and whatnots, all in an easy to understand step-by-step method. It had become, sort of, a student handbook to me, with all those rules and regulations that, for me, should be responsibly imposed. Highlighted statements that marks priority to the readers come in profusion, and they’re easy to distinguish. The effort of Dr. Henry Cloud in citing the people associated into making this phenomenal motivational book that has made it appropriate for everyone is just simply timeless. This book has impressive resources, good philosophical and theological views, and a good one-time read—a definite book to buy for a lifetime.


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