The Case Of The Missing Laptop

On the dusk of a Friday some time in July 2011, I arrived at my college residential building, opened my door and began packing my things just to realize that my laptop situated at my study table was gone already. I have double-checked every nook of the room. Tensions arose and obscured thoughts embossed on my mind. “What could have happened?” “Who could have stolen it?” My initial notion of the suspect was my roommate. “But how could he do this?”—the dissemination of those frantic thoughts boggled me as I gradually went dumbstruck.

Verges came onto consciousness; the door was half opened when I arrived, and my roommate’s bag which he always leaves in the room was gone! Those circumstances left me in ambiguity.

Minutes after the awareness came, my dad knew about the incident. He became deranged, as usual. We hastily contacted the supervisor to get her informed and let her be the stakeholder of any necessary actions to execute in order to solve the case. But, there was a downside: all the possible evidences which will lead to the suspect were omitted—the surveillance camera was incapable of storing recorded data and there were mere no witnesses.

Rest-assured that it was my roommate, the initial decision was still to conduct a blotter and investigation around the floor of the incident, with the hope of finding my laptop in a room of another tenant. Later that night, my dad and I departed to go back to our house. Just a few kilometers away, the supervisor called us to inform that my roommate just got back to the unit having a hasty, blunt conversation with her, and told us to go back to the place of incident. Upon arriving, my dad and I observed this dilemma my roommate had been saying—that his gadgets were stolen too, making a perceived incident that “someone broke into our room and stole our missing (and for my roommate—‘self-proclaimed missing’) gadgets.” Oh, what a profound strategy to intentionally leave the door half opened in an attempt to, obviously, protect yourself, Mr. Suspect. After the brief talk, we noticed the guilt in his eyes and possession of awkwardness. Those have made me, my dad, and the supervisor think that he’s the only suspect of the crime. By that stance, the supervisor was already on our side. “Ah! It would be much easier to solve the case now.”

Saturday afternoon was the time my dad started contacting his connections from the National Bureau of Investigation and a highly respected family-friend attorney. By the thought of these processes, it was hassle all throughout.

The next day, Sunday, was the climax of the whole case. My dad received a phone call from the supervisor stating that my roommate just admitted stealing my laptop; he stole to take it to a pawnshop in order to get extra money he needs for his self-served business with a seemingly notorious business partner. Alas! It was a joyous relief. Two outcomes came in a positive manner: My laptop was finally returned and the parents of my roommate will finally know that their son is engaged in a business that slowly degrades his values into pieces: the case of stealing and the attempt for greed.

It was Monday when I finally returned to the place of incident. My roommate, together with his mom, scheduled a lunch with my dad and I in a fine dining restaurant as a formal way of conducting an apology, and of which we can refer to as a time for bonding. The moment became a prompt realization for me to know, deeper, on what they’re going through as a family. His mom seems to be a mother of success, values, and morals. On the spur of the moment, my roommate and I rode a taxi in order to get back to the school for our class in hope to not get late.

After the case was closed, I got moved to a new unit in the floor in order to eradicate that awkwardness my roommate and I may have all throughout our stay in the room. For him, it had been a lesson learned—the benefit of doubt.


5 thoughts on “The Case Of The Missing Laptop

    1. I’ve been really busy with school the whole term! I thought I could partition my time for blogging during my free time, but just realized it’s much more strenuous in real than imagined.

      Our finals just finished! Last week was a stressful hell week. Yeah 😀 It’s a good thing the case was solved in a short span of 3 days.

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