My Insight Theory Beneath Obscurity

From time to time, do we ever pass the occurrence of the latter?

Is it our own point of view that is being affected by all the opinions and derivations coming from different perspectives?

There are these anomalies derived from confusion and stoicism. As human beings, are we inclined to solve for them? If so, is that passion only lurking from beneath our minds? Even a massive amount of intelligence can’t answer it all, so is the lack of thought dissemination; this is viewed between a matter of positivity and negativity.

Obscurity refers to the state of confusion of being unknown, inconspicuous, or unimportant. Different factors come upon this state. It can be explained with psychology, but it is easier to be discussed with simple insight. Seemingly perhaps, I once realized that the world doesn’t entirely revolve on knowledge, rather a series of facts and opinions mattered with attitude and behavior, yet behavior itself is derived from attitude. So is there really a basis?

Here is my observation:

Pre Occurrence —> Attitude —> Behavior —> Final Occurrence

If we study the flow, we could conclude that knowledge doesn’t have anything to do with it, and an event/occurrence is surrounded on one’s behavior and attitude. Yet on some instances, knowledge affects one’s behavior—this happens when the theory of obscurity is neglected (when one is fully aware and knows that a pre occurrence will result on a final occurrence when dealt with attitude and behavior, conceivably making that person aware of what to do).

Attitude is basically is a person’s inner thoughts and feelings, while behavior is usually an outward expression of attitude. So what’s the big deal about this? Is this concluding that attitude weighs more than knowledge?—indeed debatable. There are instances wherein garnering some sort solution to a problem can be made possible depending on the obscurity level, but then again, it is highly dependable due to lots of variables.

People tend to mix up the psychology between knowledge and attitude, when both are completely divergent. This is the main reason why most of us is conceivably executing justice upon garnering information.


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