Church in the Postmodern World

To all believers of Christian faith: How do we find Christ in this society? Does He even fit a part of our lives?

Postmodernism is a tendency in contemporary culture characterized by the problematization of objective truth and inherent suspicion towards global cultural narrative or meta-narrative. It involves the belief that many, if not all, apparent realities are only social constructs, as they are subject to change inherent to time and place.

It had been long contradicted the tradition of congregations—wherein people gather around the Church for visible attendance. It is a mere fact that is apprehensive if people actually apply the essence of the purpose of masses in Christianity. This postmodern age we are experiencing had been about networking and connecting with one another to further enhance our faith in Christ. I believe that everyone of us has an underlying inner faith within us that is to be developed—a sense of nationhood that could be applied on daily routines and built by strong foundations of the ever-present art of socialization. Moreover, I also hold onto the truth that this generation has let us change our ideas of community and identity indisputably. We have merged to be freethinkers and our knowledge exceeded the norms of what is expected. In fact, we are, indeed, versatile in thinking and had developed to have different views on situations—wherein the culture of premodern and modern perspectives of the Church had been contrary to present.

As a student, my concepts of this religious generation have been amplifying as I kept on encountering such questions. It is important for a person to eradicate the previous traditions of the Church that are not as effective as before. I could not say past practices were generally wrong; since we had evolved from the past, having the congregation and connection perspectives of the Church age had been quite a dilemma. But we could not come up with agents like “network churches” without understanding the thoughts and views growing in our present society.

As I mentioned, what is in store for the modern Church is a network of connections with one another to understand faith in Christ effectively. Believing that our faith is nourished naturally through seeking God within ourselves and sharing our experience with others.

Finding Christ within the Church is always the first step on execution. Adapting the Church to our present environment is a huge issue entailing for solution. Presently, the culture of going to masses have been a disinterest of today’s youth; I wasn’t astonished by the depletion of American teenagers who regularly attend the Church. Because this society, this network-centered environment wherein people are utmost adaptable to daily communication routines in order to be productive had been garnering a solution to enhance faith in God. People need to know the significance of putting the teachings of Christ on everyday situations through effective communication. The good fact is—present people are excellent communicators! Being previously said, we are natural freethinkers and influencers.

The Church had been an icon as a temple for Christ’s teachings to reach out for God, but in this age, we could augment the Church. By joining hands, we could find Christ; through motivation and application of essences, we might find Christ; within ourselves, we would find Christ.


2 thoughts on “Church in the Postmodern World

  1. Hi bro, I always feel like the Jews wondering in the desert for 40 years before reaching the promised land. Seeking and wondering, now I know it is God who find me and not the other way. I was saved because my son Clement has prayed for my Salvation.

    1. That’s pleasant to know, Daniel! Taking back to Christ’s life, 40 is a significant number. Those years that spared you was only a test; it’s good you’re finally on the right path.

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